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Caring For The Elderly: An Inside Story, pt 1.

Prescription_drugsRecently my 86 year old mom fell ill from conflicting toxic medications she was prescribed by whistle dick doctors. This medical journey resembled a silent movie made by the Keystone Cops rather than experienced professionals, more a medical version of ‘Dumb and Dumber’. If it were not for the fact these medical imbeciles where tinkering with MY mother’s life this would have been a slapstick comedy of errors. In any event I am not laughing since my mom is still struggling for her life as of this writing. And have I got a story to tell you boys and girls. more »

Refugee NGOs in the US Need Oversight, Part 1

I visit Burmese refugee communities regularly and I’ve come to the conclusion refugee aid organizations are in dire need of an oversight committee or a healthy ass kicking. With American tax dollars filling the coffers of these groups it is clear some NGOs either need to shape up or simply be disbanded and in some cases, face criminal charges. From paying exorbitant rents for trashy dumps to the mishandling of legal & medical issues by incompetent or tribally prejudiced interpreters, some refugees are being thrown under the bus for fun and profit.

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